Why At Home Senior Care?

Why Choose At Home Senior Care? Because You Want The Best!

We Understand. We understand that the need to bring a caregiver into your home is a huge decision. Oftentimes, the need is urgent, as well as confusing and frightening. Our goal is to alleviate those fears, remove that confusion, and make that decision simple.

We Are Family. Though At Home Senior Care, Inc. is made up of many caregivers, nurses, home care experts and advisors, we are really sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and loved-ones. In other words, caregiving is part of our DNA, both professionally and personally, and we do it better than anyone else in the market.

We Are On-Call. We treat every one of our clients as if each is our only client. One call to our dedicated team and other caregivers, answers questions and resolves your issues, 24×7, 365 days a year.

Your Choice and Control. You choose your caregiver. At Home Senior Care, Inc. gives you the control to review and select a caregiver for your needs, style, and personality. We dedicate as much time as necessary to match personalities and ensure that your caregiver is perfect for you.

Caregivers Dedicated to You. We ensure caregiver commitment to you (and us) by giving them best-in-class training, and maintaining one of the strictest quality assurance standards in the home-care industry.

Flexibility and Customized Care. Whether you need to change schedules, care management, increasing or decreasing caregiving hours, we are always flexible and can support your needs today and in the future.

360° Approach. We are available 24x7 to answer your questions or to provide needed services. Our approach is manage every client and every case comprehensively, considering all the physical, personal, time, and emotional factors involved with each case. Our proactive case management structure ensures registered nurses and care managers oversee each client.

Communication to Ease Your Worries. We know how essential good communication is to high quality care. At Home Senior Care, Inc. has clinical, care management and administration staff to coordinate communication and care between you, your physicians and other healthcare providers.

Contact us at 617-663-4881 or learn more about our at home health care services.