Case Management Services

Caring Case Management Services for Seniors

Providing care for a loved one can be overwhelming. There can be so many things that need to get done to keep your loved one healthy and living independently. Our comprehensive Case Management Services help alleviate your concerns about your loved one being alone and needing care. We can arrange for, and help manage a full range of services including medical care, transportation, personal care, hygiene, setting up and accompanying to doctors' appointments, and arranging for post-hospitalization care.

Case Management services can be helpful in any of the following situations:

  • You cannot manage care by yourself any longer
  • Your loved one's condition has grown more complex and you don't have the medical knowledge
  • You do not live in proximity to your loved one so care is not possible
  • Your life's other family or work responsibilities have grown
  • You have your own medical issues making it difficult

We're here to help. We can oversee your loved one's care and keep you and your family members, whether living nearby or far away, informed, involved and confident that your loved one is taken care of, safe and continuing to live as independently as possible.

Our case managers help to ensure that your loved one follows doctor's instructions, which as you know, can be challenging, especially if your loved one has memory difficulties or problems reading fine print. Our care managers can assist your aging parent with:

  • Scheduling/Going to doctors’ appointments
  • Monitoring loved one's adherence to doctor's medical orders/instructions
  • Arranging/Providing transportation
  • Facilitating communication between doctor, loved one and family
  • Manage special dietary needs for medical conditions
  • Administer strict shopping guidelines and proper food preparation
  • Coordinate care with all healthcare providers
  • Providing reminders to take medications and exercise
  • Find and put in place necessary resources for proper care of your loved one

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