On-Going Health And Safety Assessments for Seniors

On-Going Health And Safety Assessments For Seniors

We provide health and safety assessments to help keep you, or your loved one safe at home.


Health and Safety Assessments examine the following areas:

  1. Cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, and orientation are assessed using neuropsychological screening tests like the Mini-Mental State Examination.
  1. Ability to reason, make decisions, use judgment using simple performance tests like writing a check or a clock-drawing test.
  1. Personal appearance and grooming, ability to maintain health
  1. Safety of the environment. We check for burn safety, check dates and amounts of medications bottles/medical compliance, Check if home is kept neat or cluttered, trash is managed, kitchen cleanliness, dishes cleaned, food plentiful and fresh.
  1. Adequate and safe performance of everyday tasks. Functional assessment of activities of daily living, including oney/bills management.


If you are concerned about your loved one's ability to be safe at home contact us at 617-663-4881. to set up a health and safety assessment.

Once the assessment is complete- we can help you put a plan and services in place to keep your loved one safe and as healthy as possible in the comfort of their own home.