Understanding Insomnia and Seniors

Looking at Factors which Impact the Lifestyle and Health of Seniors …

Sommeil SeniorAt Home Senior Care, Inc. provides Newton home care services. We see to the needs of our senior patients and their families. With our involvement in Newton nursing services, we note a number of medical, psychological, and lifestyle factors which impact the quality of sleep. Sleep is important at any age and At Home Senior Care, Inc. wants to provide tips and information on making the most of sleep as we provide Newton Senior Care.

Many Factors can be Behind Insomnia

Our sleeping patterns change with age including the times of falling asleep, waking up, and duration. Lifestyle can be a factor with caffeine intake or diet. Pain issues can impact sleep and the quality of sleep. Combinations of medications and other conditions can directly impact sleep. Seniors should have regular medical care to understand the physical conditions that might be involved in insomnia. Stress and worry can greatly impact sleep. Non medical factors can be just as important to address in order to remain healthy and to get proper rest each night.

There are Easy Adjustments that can Improve Sleep

Cutting back on caffeine or alcohol intake especially around bedtime can help. Switching to activities that don’t involve television or computer screens right before bed helps some patients. Eliminating foods which upset the digestive system can be helpful. Physical exercise during the day can lead to better sleep at night. Adjusting sleep time when possible to better align with your natural body rhythms can help. Even where medical factors are impacting sleep, these tips can still help.

Do not be Afraid to Seek Help

Seeking out friends or professionals to deal with anxiety is a good idea. Doctors should be consulted with any medical issues that impact your life or your ability to sleep. Don’t be too proud to get help when help is needed.

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