The Dangers For Seniors Living Alone

The Dangers For Seniors Living Alone

The faster time moves the harder it is to see what’s right in front of you. When it’s time for children to become the caregivers of their parents, it can be a difficult time. You think of your parents as strong, capable, independent adults but if you take a close look at the situation, sometimes that isn’t the case. Sometimes we forget how vulnerable our aging parents are. At-Home Senior Care Inc., may be a necessary option.

Senior home care solutions can ensure your loved ones are safe and getting nutritious meals.

The Greatest Danger For Seniors Is Falls

As we age our ability to balance fades. Weakened muscles and softer bones makes balance even more of a challenge. Steps, loose carpet, throw rugs and slippery wood or tile floors can create hazards all over the home. A small fall can result in a major injury for seniors. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for adults who are age 65 and up. Newton Home Senior Care can ensure your loved ones have the advantage of assistance so they don’t fall.

Living Alone Can Cause Depression

Sometimes the dangers of seniors living alone are silent. Living alone sometimes causes depression and makes seniors lose interest in daily activities. This is a serious condition as it is often linked to the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Hiring Newton home care services and getting a caregiver or companion can help as seniors can have access to the community such as shopping, going to church, taking classes or visiting with friends.

Seniors Forget Things

Seniors are especially prone to be forgetful. Sometimes it’s no big deal but if they are forgetting to take medication, forgetting how to cook or clean, forgetting to pay bills or forgetting to shut off the stove burner it can become a serious situation. Newton Nursing Services, can give you peace of mind in knowing that someone is with your loved one, keeping them safe and gently reminding them what needs to be done. With senior home care services, home can remain home for a long time. Call At Home Senior Care Inc. today and let us erase your worries tomorrow.