Stroke Rehabilitation: The specifics.

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Stroke Rehabilitation: The specifics. Professional Home Care Agency

During a stroke the brain is lacking the oxygen and blood flow it needs. Strokes kill cells in the brain and can alter a person’s cognitive, speech and basic motor skills. Strokes can happen randomly and they are difficult to prevent. Following a stroke the road to recovery can be a long one. At Home Senior Care Inc. is experienced in dealing with stroke patients and we can assist with making recovery as comfortable as possible. Newton Home Senior Care is the place you can trust when it comes to providing the ultimate care for the ones you love.

Stroke Damage

Right side brain strokes leave seniors dealing with left side paralysis, vision problems, memory loss and behavior changes. A left side brain stroke causes right side paralysis, memory loss, problems with speech and it can cause them to become fearful. Stroke rehabilitation can range from weeks to years. Hospitals and nursing homes are expensive and most people are more comfortable at home. Senior Home Care Solutions is an option to help keep your loved one at home while they recover. Newton Home Care Service is ready when you are. Call us today and we can talk about your specific situation.

Stroke Rehabilitation Includes;

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Technology-assisted Therapy and Emotional Therapy.

At Home Senior Care understands that insurance is confusing. We can assist with paperwork and we can take care of figuring out the complex insurance policies for you.

Why Home Care Is Important

Following a stroke the most important thing to remember is that only 10% of stroke survivors fully recover. Many seniors can go on to live healthy, full lives after a stroke but they will not be at the level they were at before the stroke. The support of caregivers is important for some seniors as they don’t want to feel like they are burdening the family. With a caregiver, you are still the child and they are still the parent. If you are taking care of them, the roles reverse and the senior can feel indifferent about it. At Home Senior Cane Inc., can assist with stroke victims.

Dorothy said it best, “there’s no place like home.” with senior living care, home can remain home while they recover.