Proper Temperatures for the Elderly

Proper Temperatures for the Elderly

It’s a fact that older adults tend to feel colder than younger people. This can be challenging if you are trying to determine what temperature an older person should be in. Many factors come into play; health issues, weight, medications and even money if the person can’t afford to run the air conditioner or heater as much as they wish. A good starting point is speaking to the persons doctor. They can provide some guidelines on proper temperature. At Home Senior Care, we do everything in our power to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable. Ask us about our assistance with personal care service in Newton!

A Steady Year-Round Temperature is Important

It’s important that the elderly are never in extreme hot or cold temperatures. At Home Senior Care we offer elder care in Newton and we know our patients need a steady temperature year-round that ensures our they are not dehydrated from the heat or shivering from the cold. Just because a temperature is comfortable for you does not mean it is comfortable for them. Some elderly people have no control over the temperature in their home if they don’t have access to air conditioning. In this situation, room darkening curtains or shades would be appropriate to help block the sun. Fans can also increase air circulation. Call us with questions on dementia care or our list of Newton personal home care services.

Monitor the Elderly in Extreme Conditions

Elderly people with no access to air conditioning should be monitored to ensure they are drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Depending on their health conditions they may not realize they are getting dehydrated. Conditions like diabetes, dementia or those that are obese may take medications that dull their senses. In these situations, they should be closely monitored. If the temperature in an elderly person’s living space is too hot the person should be taken to a cooler space and arrangements should be made to ensure a hot living space is not a reoccurring theme.

If you need home care for a loved one call At Home Senior Care services and let us help provide the safe, comfortable atmosphere your loved one deserves.