Meal Prepping for Aging Parents

Meal Prepping for Aging Parents

Planning meals for aging parents is an excellent way to be proactive in ensuring they are getting the proper nutrition. Get them involved with the process, see what they like and what they don't like. Talk to their doctors and see what they recommend for nutritional requirements. Meal prepping gets easier the more you do it but don't get stuck in a rut, try new things occasionally so meal time doesn't get dull and boring. At Home Senior Care, provides support for senior care. Call us with questions regarding your unique situation.

Make Meal Time Special

As people age they experience physical and physiological changes. Taste buds decrease with age as does the smell or scent of food. Some seniors have difficulty chewing or they may have gastrointestinal issues, keep these things in mind when planning and make sure what you are making is healthy and looks appealing. Make meal time special. Candles or flowers on the dinner table can bring back memories and will create a more appealing dining experience. Newton Home Care Service can provide adult care services for your loved ones.

Take Your Parents Shopping

Some foods to consider in your planning are; nuts, sweet potatoes, yams, breakfast cereal, beans, salmon, eggs, beef, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables either fresh or frozen. Canned tuna, sardines, milk and orange or prune juice. Try some single serve containers of applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese and pudding. Keep buying the favorites but mix things up by getting your parents to try some new things too. If your parents are able, take them shopping with you and let them help pick things out. Make meal planning a fun experience and involve your parents as much as possible. After all, they fed you for many years.

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