Insulin Therapy Management and Care for Seniors

Injection Insuline SeniorHealthy Choices for a Healthy Life

At Home Senior Care, Inc. partners with seniors and their families to provide the best care and support possible. We specialize in providing Newton home care services along with Newton nursing services. We care about our patients and their families and want the best Newton Senior Care possible. Part of that mission for At Home Senior Care, Inc. is offering support and information for seniors about their care.

Many of our clients and their families have to deal with diabetes management and care. One important aspect of that management sometimes includes insulin therapy. Proper management of insulin therapy can make all the difference in a healthy, happy, and long life.

Maintaining balance

Insulin therapy is vital for patients with type 1 diabetes to maintain normal insulin and sugar levels in the body. Without it, the entire system is headed toward disaster. With type 2 diabetes, the problem is not a lack of insulin, but a resistance to the beneficial effects. In both cases, doctors will help find that balance when insulin therapy begins. It is important to keep up with your doctor’s instructions as the therapy changes to help maintain proper balance in your system. Responsibility and fidelity to the process is vital to good health.

Changes in technology

With time, the injection options and quality of product are improving. In all cases, good advice from medical professionals and good training for you and your support system for your ongoing care are vital. It is work and the details are important, but the benefits to your lifestyle and health are worth the effort.

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