Hair Care Tips for Seniors

Hair Care Tips for Seniors

The way a senior’s hair looks can make a serious difference in their health and happiness. Good grooming gives them the confidence necessary to engage with others and to function normally in society. Age changes the appearance of hair but there are many tips to care for aging hair. At Home Senior Care provides hair care and home care services in patients’ places of residency. We offer skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and social workers. We have home health aides for assistance with personal care and other activities.


Hair loses pigment as a person ages. The white and gray can turn a dingy yellow color. The reason for this is because when hair lacks pigment it shows the foreign material it collects. Air and water pollutants contribute to the color change as does smoking. The right shampoo can fix the coloring issues. Deep cleaning shampoo’s that are made with violet or blue color can minimize the yellowness that appears on silver or grey hair. At Home Senior Care provides senior care elder services. We provide home care for seniors in Massachusetts. We provide a variety of services in the Greater Boston area including North Shore, South Shore, Metro West and other areas.

Use Volumizing Products & Have the Right Haircut

Seniors sometimes face thinning hair. To make hair appear thicker, using volumizing products and shampoo can help. Avoid heavy products like mousse and gel because they can expose the scalp and draw attention to the thinning hair. For men with thinning hair, hair should be cut to the back and sides to show an equal amount of scalp on each side. By doing this you minimize the thinning look on the top of the head. Shaving a man’s head bald can also create a masculine style that prevents the look of thinning. Long hair styles are not advised as it accentuates the thinning and is more difficult to care for.

Eat Right

Eating a healthy diet can help your hair. Salmon, eggs, oatmeal, tangerines and almond butter can create beautiful hair. If approved by a doctor, seniors can take Iron, B12, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Remember that it’s okay to skip washing hair for a day or two if you’re a senior. It allows for oil to buildup and that moisturizes the scalp and makes hair appear thicker. If you are looking for a senior care facility or home care agency in Boston, call At Home Senior Services. We would be happy to assist with any of your home health care needs.