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Why Use A Geriatric Care Manager?

geriatric care managers

Health Care Has Become Complicated So Seniors Need Help

If you have ever tried to understand all the benefits and exclusions of your healthcare policy you know how complicated the healthcare system has become today. We have Geriatric Care Managers in Newton who can help in many ways.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric care managers are professionals, and can be either social workers, nurses or those with a degree in Gerontology. The role of a Geriatric Care manager is to help seniors and their families to manage everyday health issues, make long term care arrangements, and if necessary, advocate with providers and insurance companies.


The Geriatric Care Manager Assessment

Geriatric Care managers can be hired by family members, a lawyer, or other party responsible for their well being. To begin, Geriatric Care Managers provide an initial assessment of the seniorís general physical health, medications and care needs, mental coping skills, social/family supports, financial ability to pay bills and support themselves and functional skills. These include activities of daily living (ADLís) and instrumental ADLs. They oftentimes will review medical records and sometimes speak with the seniorís other health care providers.


After the Assessment: Making Recommendations

Once the assessment is complete, the care manager will make recommendations. If the senior prefers to remain in the home- then recommendations for services will be made to enable them to continue to live independently in the home.


Researching, Arranging Placement and Monitoring

If the assessment determines that a higher level of care is needed, such as institutional care, the Geriatric Care Manager can assist with researching and arranging for placement in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Some Geriatric Care Managers are involved in long-term care monitoring for their clients at regular weekly, or monthly intervals. Sometimes, Geriatric Care Manager can also work on an as needed basis.


What Else Do Geriatric Care Manager Do?

Geriatric Care Managers are familiar with available entitlement programs, community health and support services. They work to research and explain options to seniors and their families.

Geriatric Care Managers may bring/accompany people to their doctorís appointments. This is often helpful if the senior or family is concerned about the number and type of medications the elder is taking.


Paying For Geriatric Care Management Services

Most care management services are paid for privately. They are often hired with the clientís funds or by the family involved. In addition, there are some long-term care policies that will cover some of the services.


How to Hire A Geriatric Care Manager

When hiring a Geriatric Care manager, the senior and family should carefully screen and evaluate the personís education, training, certifications, and experiences. Always take the time to check their background and references.

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