Diabetes Management and Care for Seniors

Diabetes Management and Care for Seniors

Diabetes Management and Care for Seniors

Healthy Choices for a Healthy Life

At Home Senior Care, Inc. partners with seniors and their families to provide the best life and care possible while maintaining an independent, active, and healthy lifestyle. We specialize in providing Newton home care services along with Newton nursing services. We care about our patients and their families and want the best Newton Senior Care possible. Part of that mission for At Home Senior Care, Inc. is offering support and information for seniors about their care. Many of our clients and their families have to deal with diabetes management and care.

Healthy choices are your choice.

Sticking with the diet …

We don’t want to generalize to all situations. Your doctor will specify the best diet choices for your diabetes. Most diets involve cutting back on some types of foods and sugars. Cutting these back or out completely is an important choice. It does not have to be an awful choice. There are a number of recipes that work within even the strictest restrictions to offer good, healthy, delicious options for meals. Eat regularly and according to the instructions on your doctor.

Follow the schedule on medicines …

Whether it is insulin or any other medicines prescribed by your doctor, follow the schedule and follow your dosages. Use alarms, reminders, pill organizers, and your support system to help keep you on track with this schedule.

Perform your checks …

Be sure to check your blood sugar and other vitals according to your doctor’s instructions and with regularity. A healthy lifestyle with diabetes is a lifestyle of careful balance.

At Home Senior Care, Inc. is here to help. Contact us with questions, concerns, or to find out what we may have to offer you.