A Dementia Information Guide


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Demenz, Alzheimer, Gedchtnisverlust-symbolischAt Home Senior Care, Inc. seeks to be a reliable source of information and support even as we provide reliable Newton Senior Care. Patients and families have a lot to consider when choosing Newton Nursing Services and understanding dementia may be part of that process. As we provide Newton home care service, we encounter families that have questions and concerns about this and other subjects concerning their aging loved ones.

This is not an exhaustive guide on the subject of dementia, but can serve as an information guide with key facts to consider while making choices regarding .

Dementia is a medical diagnosis.

While there are a number of warning signs which probably led to seeking out this guide, dementia requires medical experts to properly diagnose. Being forgetful is an early warning sign, but memory can also be impacted by fatigue, medicines, and a wide range of other factors. As factors such problems with judgment, proper use of language, lapses in mental connection, and problems with thinking speed and memory begin to build in frequency, it is worth checking out, but never assume. Involve your or your loved oneís doctors in the process.

Dementia can be connected to a wide range of medical issues.

Dementia manifests with different speed and severity depending on other underlying causes. Understanding the full picture of all the medical issues involved in an individual case can greatly help the patientís treatment and the work of the caregivers.

Dementia is a progressive illness.

It is best for everyone to address concerns about dementia sooner rather than later as the disease almost universally becomes more severe with time.

It is important to get a diagnosis early.

The sooner doctors know of the onset and other factors surrounding a patientís condition, the more treatment options that may be available. This can both extend life and the quality of life.

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