Alcohol Abuse in the Elderly

Alcohol Abuse in the Elderly

The Overage Drinking Phenomenon: Why We Should Focus on Senior Addiction

Everyone knows that underage drinking can be a problem. What most people don’t realize is that overage drinking, or seniors who are abusing alcohol, are at a risk just like the underaged kids. Most seniors don’t have to get up for work in the morning so they have the time and freedom to indulge. The journal of Addiction reports that 2.8 million older adults in the United States meet the criteria for alcohol abuse and the number is expected to rise to 5.7 million by 2020. If you need home care for seniors in Massachusetts, call us At Home Senior Care. We are available and offer a variety of services in the greater Boston area including North Shore, South Shore, Metro West area and more.

There are several signs that can indicate alcohol abuse in the elderly:

Falls, depression, cognitive impairment, insomnia, unexplained bruises, lack of hygiene, trouble concentrating, slurred speech, lack of interest in normal activities and others. Alcohol abuse is difficult to identify in the elderly as the signs of alcohol abuse mimic common problem already seen in the elderly. Home health aides for assistance with personal care and other activities are available with At Home Senior Care. From skilled nursing to physical therapy, we have the senior care elder services you need.

Find the Best Solution

If you determine that an elderly person is showing signs of alcohol abuse, make sure they discuss the issue with a doctor or find an alcohol abuse treatment center and ask for assistance. It’s important to find the best solution to get the person the help they need. If you are seeking assistance caring for an elderly loved one, At Home Senior Care can help. We offer services such as speech therapy, social workers, occupational therapy and more. We provide home care services in patients’ places of residency.

Why Alcohol Abuse is Dangerous for the Elderly

The reason alcohol abuse in the elderly is so dangerous is because as people age the amount of water in the body decreases which makes the alcohol more concentrated. Older adults may feel the effects of drinking faster and more vividly than the younger generation. The elderly may also take medications that intensify the effects of alcohol. Patients may be embarrassed to admit they have a problem. If you are looking for a home care agency in Boston or senior care facility, call At Home Senior Care and let us explain what we can do for you.