10 Warning Signs to Assess During the Holiday Season When Visiting Elderly Parents and Relatives

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The holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with family. At Home Senior Care works with families every day as we seek to do the very best for aging loved ones. We provide Newton care services including Newton nursing care and we pride ourselves on the quality of our Newton Senior Care. When seeking to help our aging parents or relatives, it is important to notice when extra help may be needed. The holidays may be the first time those needs become clear. Here are some warning signs to assess as you are around aging relatives during the holidays who may be in need of additional help. It is important to note that none of these by themselves indicate a problem, but taken together they may mean that more help is needed.
√ Forgetfulness
This is not uncommon as we get older and is not a problem alone. If it becomes pronounced or seems to particularly effect short term memory, it may be an area of concern.
√ Lost Time
Moments of missing time for any period of time is a warning sign.
√ Missing Steps
Processes which are familiar such as an oft repeated recipe become a warning sign if suddenly steps in these familiar processes become difficult to keep in order for aging relatives.
√ Dangerous Habits
Leaving the stove on or leaving the car running in the garage is a warning sign that help may be needed.
√ Slip in Home Care and Maintenance
If keeping the house clean or in good repair is suddenly too much for them …
√ Depression
This is more than just being sad or nostalgic. If an aging loved one appears to be low to a point of poor functioning, help may be needed.
√ Irregular Care for Self
If a loved one is not consistent with medications or hygiene, this is a problem.
√ Shut Off from Others
If an aging relative begins to close off from the world socially, this is something to watch.
√ Problems Coping
If a relative appears to not be recovering well from a loss, this can be a warning sign.
√ Unable to Do It Themselves
If they are unable to do things for themselves that could be a serious issue once they are alone again, it is time to assess what help they may need on a more permanent basis after the holidays.
Contact us here At Senior Home Care, if you are concerned for a loved one and think we might be able to help.