7 Signs that it May Be Time to Consider Assisted Living Options

At Home Senior Care Inc. is a leader in assisted living and we understand the options which lead to the optimal life for those that need assistance. This can be a difficult decision, but there are a number of great options available which provide an increased quality of life.

nurse or helper in residential home giving food to old senior man

nurse or helper in residential home giving food to old senior man

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all possible issues one might face. At Home Senior Care Inc. provides this list to help discuss the subject and to consider the idea that quality of

life may be suffering in a way that assisted living might remedy. You deserve the best life possible and we want to help you achieve that.

Please note, we all experience these symptoms to some degree sometimes throughout our lives. If these symptoms combine to indicate a developing pattern, you may want to consider the possibility that assisted living might be the right solution for yourself or a loved one.

  • Falls

This is a serious consideration. Falls can cause permanent or life altering injury. As the frequency of in home falls increase, the risk to life increases. This can be a sign that assisted living options might be important for you or a loved one’s well being.

  • Financial Strains Related to Self Care

Going it alone as your needs increase can become expensive. Beyond growing medical costs, the accommodations for self care can mount quickly and strain a budget. Assisted living options can alleviate some of those out of control costs and help stabilize that care budget.

  • Isolation

Being alone all the time is not good emotionally or physically. It can present real risks as health needs increase. Assisted living is often a great relief to this issue.

  • Strain on Family

This is not to suggest that a person in need is a burden or unloved. Family will often do anything to help their loved ones. This can create financial strain, risk to careers, and strain on relationships. Assisted living can give loved ones the quality of care that family alone may not be equipped to provide. It can also lift some of that pressure on the family.

  • Difficulty with Basic Maintenance

If the house work and maintaining the home have become too much, this could be a sign of the need for assisted living. When your home drops below your desired standards, that can create a cycle that only gets worse. Assisted living can restore a quality of life that is slowly being lost.

  • Decline in Lifestyle

If you find yourself or your loved one unable to participate in social activities they wish to, this can be a sign. Limited mobility might be limiting life in a way that would not have to remain that way under certain assisted living options.

  • Depression

Depression is a serious state that may require medical attention. The above situations can contribute to feelings of depression. Assisted living might be part of the solution that lifts some of those burdens.
If you have any concerns about the issues raised above, At Home Senior Care Inc.is here to help. Contact us for more information about your options.